Steven Smith's Panko-crumbed turkey salad of spring greens, honey and lavender dressing

A delicious recipe created by Great British Chef Steven Smith for panko Crumbed Turkey Salad. A light and refreshing entertaining recipe

  • Serves: 2
  • Preparation time:
  • Cooking time:


Begin by seasoning the turkey. Dip the escalopes into the flour and dust off the excess. Coat them in the egg and then finally breadcrumbs.

Place on a tray and refrigerate until needed.

For the dressing; whisk together all the ingredients and set aside to infuse. The flavour and intensity of the lavender will increase over time.

Cut the runner beans, fine beans and asparagus into bite sized pieces. Add to the peas to be cooked together. Remember to keep the broad beans separate.

Blanch the peas, asparagus and beans in salted water for approximately 2-3 minutes. After the time is up, plunge them into ice water to refresh them.

Blanch the broad beans separately and then peel off their outer shells. Add to the other greens. Strain and dry the vegetables on a kitchen towel and put to one side for later.

For the turkey; fill a large frying pan to a depth of 1cm with oil and place on a medium heat. Once hot, lower the turkey escalopes in to the pan and adjust the heat to ensure they brown evenly.

After 2-3 minutes, turn the escalopes over and cook until they are golden brown all over.

Remove from the pan, season and place on a kitchen towel to absorb excess oil.

To serve; dress the greens, pea shoots and chives in the lavender-mustard dressing. Cut the turkey into thick strips and top with the dressed greens.

Recipe courtesy of Great British Chefs. Visit their site for more turkey recipes.


Turkey escalope

  • 2 British turkey escalopes
  • 75g of flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 75g of Panko breadcrumbs
  • Vegetable oil, for shallow frying
  • Salt
  • pepper


  • 1 handful of runner beans
  • 1 handful of fine beans
  • 4 asparagus spears, trimmed
  • 1 handful of shelled peas
  • 1 handful of broad beans, removed from pod
  • 1 handful of pea shoots
  • Chopped chives
  • Salt

Honey and lavender dressing

  • 50g of honey
  • 1 pinch of dried lavender buds
  • 50g of white wine vinegar
  • 50g of Dijon mustard
  • 150g of rapeseed oil
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Sugars 0g
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