Phil's Q&A

Why does Phil love turkey?
I have supported British Turkey for many years now, and will continue to do so. I have always cooked with turkey and found it a great ingredient to use and cook with.

It’s such a versatile meat to use, I also find that it’s a great vehicle to add almost any flavour to, so hot and fragrant spices work well, as does sweetness such as relishes and glazes. It’s also a great partner to shellfish such as prawns and lobster. Not only that, it’s also extremely low in saturated fat and cheaper than chicken, making it ideal for all the family as part of a balanced diet.

What is Phil’s top BBQ tip:
When making turkey burgers (the best in my view), I add a couple of tablespoons of shop bought mayonnaise to the raw turkey mince and mix well. This ensures all the juiciness of the meat is kept in the burger, it’s amazing what a difference it makes. 

What turkey dish would Phil serve at a picnic?
Turkey meat loaf with boiled eggs running through the centre, easy, quick and makes a great change to the normal picnic offering. Serve with a little relish or chutney.

What did Phil serve for Easter?
This year probably a roast turkey crown, served with a few new potatoes, asparagus and a simple chopped herb mayonnaise, made with chopped fresh soft herbs such as parsley, basil coriander.

What is Phil’s tip for eating turkey all year round?
Turkey can be incorporated in almost all dishes that we cook these days. For example, it makes a great curry, fab Bolognese, great salad, perfect Sunday roast. Classic burgers, great snack food and of course good lunchbox fare.

What is Phil’s family’s favourite turkey dish?
Has to be turkey burgers, lasagne or Bolognese, the whole family seem to love them. Although we do look forward to tucking into the Christmas lunch too!

What is Phil’s top healthy cooking tip?
Steam or lightly poach any turkey cut, the slower the better. This ensures that the meat stays, juicy and tender, never rush to cook turkey.