Filipa's Top Tips

Letting kids help with cooking is the best way to get them to eat. Giving them choice and input helps them to feel more in control and more grown up. Don’t worry about the mess, get them involved.

Turkey burgers are my favourite for BBQ season as turkey mince is low fat and really versatile. Mix it with your favourite herbs and spices to make delicious healthy turkey burgers.

Taking 20 minutes to write a meal plan for the week is essential for me as a mum. It saves me time, money, wasted food and ensures we have a balanced diet each week.

Turkey steaks cut into strips are brilliant in stir fries. Cut them against the grain of the meat and cook for just 4-5 minutes for maximum juiciness.

Using turkey mince in family favourites such as cottage pie, chilli con carne or spaghetti bolognaise is a much healthier and cost effective option. Turkey goes with all herbs and spices.

Soups, stews and some pasta sauces freeze well so are idea for bulk cooking. Cook double portions on days you have more time to eat on busier days the following week.

We eat porridge for breakfast every morning as oats release their energy slowly keeping hunger at bay until lunch. It’s easy to liven it up with fruits and nuts.

If you have time, marinade your turkey overnight for maximum flavour. Pan fry and add to salads, noodles and vegetables for a quick, healthy and delicious meal.

One of my favourite sandwiches is turkey and bacon salad. Gently fry turkey steaks in a little oil and serve in a warm baguette with some grilled bacon and crispy lettuce.

Turkey is available all year round. A turkey breast or thigh joint is fantastic for a mini roast dinner. They cook quickly and serve up to four people. They’re also low in fat and in expensive.