Filipa's Q&A

What is your favourite turkey dish and why?
Sticky Orange Turkey Stir Fry is a really tasty and super quick dish to make.  The kids love it as it has the sweet flavour of the orange, and noodles are fund to eat!  I add some chopped red chilli for my husband and I to add a little kick!

What do you like to cook for the family?
Turkey Bolognaise is one recipe which I can guarantee the whole family will eat every time.  It’s healthy, quick and easy and brilliant for batch cooking.  It’s also great for smuggling finely chopped vegetables into fussy eaters.

What recipe can you recommend that won’t break the bank?
Turkey Jambalaya is a great budget dish and great for using up leftovers.  It’s really versatile as you can use whatever vegetables you have and liven it up with your favourite herbs and spices.

What dish would you cook to impress friends?
Phil Vickery’s Turkey Burgers stuffed with Gruyere cheese served with fresh tomato relish.  I’ve made it for loads of my friends now and it goes down a storm every time.  It’s a simple and really delicious recipe, can be made in advance, and easy to present beautifully.

Are there any particular dishes that the children can help with?
I’m a huge advocate of getting kids involved with cooking from an early age.  Pizzas are a great recipe to start with as kids love playing with pizza dough and decorating their own.

How do you encourage fussy eaters to try new dishes?
I make sure we all eat pretty much the same thing and sit at the table together.  I try presenting food in an interesting way, like a smiley face, that usually grabs their attention.  I also get my kids in the kitchen with me and get them involved with cooking.  I encourage them to smell and touch food and explain what it feels like.  I get them to have little tastes of things as we go along.  My eldest is a keen chef and loves food but my youngest is a very fussy eater.  I’m hoping as he grows up he will be more adventurous like his brother!