Gail Emms Q&A

What is Gail’s favourite dish and why?
My favourite healthy turkey dish has got to be a turkey stir fry.  Turkey is naturally low in fat and then add lots of crisp vegetables such as peppers, broccoli, baby corn and asparagus, some noodles and a sweet chilli sauce and it is absolutely delicious.  And if you want to go back for seconds, you don’t have to feel guilty either! 

How does Gail maintain a healthy balanced diet?
I love food. I like eating a lot of food!  I also love exercising as it has been a massive part of my life for so long, and I love being and feeling healthy.  It is so important to have a healthy balance in life.  I am getting back to shape from having my little boy 13 months ago, and I do not want to be on a fad diet or starve myself, I want to eat healthy and keep up my fitness.  I choose turkey as part of my diet because it is high in protein, low in fat and it so versatile with my cooking.  It is also great for my son Harry and he loves it!

What does Gail like to cook for the family?
When I don't have much time in the kitchen, I will cook a turkey curry.  I basically cook the turkey meat (or use leftovers!), add the curry sauce and cook the rice.  To make it even quicker, I use the microwave rice!  At the moment, I would use a mild sauce that Harry can eat as well, but I think I will be able to add a bit more spice soon!

What exercises does Gail recommend you do at home if you have 15 minutes?
If you have a Wii or other games console, get the fitness programme games and start working out.  There are also some great apps for smart phones that give you circuits for you to follow. A 15 min workout sounds like it wouldn’t be worth it, but it can really invigorate your body and your mind.  If you have time in the morning, go for a 15min power walk before you leave for work and see if it helps! 

How does Gail make exercising fun?
Exercise is fun for me because I exercise with my friends.  You have to enjoy what you do, because this way you are more likely to keep it going.  I go to the gym with a friend on Monday (and have coffee after), Tuesday I play hockey with the girls, Wednesday I play netball with the girls and Thursday, me and another group of crazy people go to the British Military Fitness class.  At the weekends, it will be about getting together as a family and running around the park with the dog or meeting up with friends for a bike ride.  Sport and exercise can be really social if you want it to be.

What are Gail’s best exercises for the whole family?
Sports such as swimming, badminton, and tennis are fantastic for families and can get everyone involved, but even just getting out on your bikes, playing football in the park or walking in the woods are great way to get outdoors and have fun.