Quality British Turkey Information

When buying your turkey remember to look out for the familiar farm assured Red Tractor logo alongside the Quality British Turkey mark, your guarantee you are buying turkey farmed in the UK to high standards of food safety, traceability and animal welfare.

The Quality Mark is backed by a far-reaching quality assurance scheme which highlights some of the highest standards in the world achieved by British turkey farmers. The British turkey industry consists mainly of integrated companies who manage all stages of the supply chain – from breeding of parent stock to producing the finished turkey products. The simplicity of the supply chain means that any product carrying the Quality British Turkey and Red Tractor logo can be traced back to the individual farmer and breeding stock, giving you added confidence and reassurance in the product you are buying.

For further details on the latest Quality British Turkey rearing and welfare standards visit the British Poultry Council website.

Product Traceability

The British turkey industry consists mainly of integrated companies who manage all stages of production from the breeding of parent stockto the processing of finished turkey products.

This means that turkey products can be traced back from your home to individual farmers and breeding stock.


In all aspects of bird welfare, the industry is committed to the highest standards of rearing, which are among the best in the world. These include:

Food Safety

Food safety and quality assurance are critical factors across the food manufacturing industry. Our scheme highlights best practice in hygiene controls, health and safety, packaging, storage and transport to provide a greater assurance of safe food reaching your table.

In addition to the high standards demanded by the European Union rules, the industry has embraced the following UK-only requirements to maximise food safety:

No meat and bone meal has been used in feed since 1996
The industry has a voluntary ban on the use of poultry by-products in poultry feed
Hygiene Assessment System (HAS) scores, which independently verify the performance of processing and cutting plants, are published monthly for public scrutiny
Turkey meat residue testing programmes and their results are published quarterly
Routine salmonella testing is conducted at all stages of production and the number of on-farm positives are published